VFC Colt Licensed M4A1 RIS II (Daniel Defense Rail) AEG Airsoft Rifle– Two Tone

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The VFC COLT M4A1 RIS II AEG Airsoft Rifle is a colt licensed M4 electric airsoft gun which is well built with the exception of the polymer pistol grip and telescopic adjustable crane stock, the all metal AEG makes use of high-grade Aluminum and steel for a combination of strength and weight, a balance of controllable mass and durability whilst all coated in high wear resistant finishing treatment.

VFC internals is a promise of benchmark standards; the degree of quality, reliability, and performance that set the trend for AEGs to follow. Good clean, solid performance you can count on.

"Elevate your airsoft game with the VFC Colt Licensed M4A1 RIS II, a high-performance and officially licensed replica of the legendary firearm. This AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) features a full metal construction with licensed Colt trademarks, providing both durability and authenticity on the field. With a high-capacity magazine, adjustable hop-up, and semi/full-auto firing modes, this rifle delivers exceptional accuracy and power. The ergonomic design includes a comfortable pistol grip and adjustable stock for improved handling and control during intense skirmishes. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the sport, the VFC Colt Licensed M4A1 RIS II is the perfect choice for reliable and powerful gameplay.



  • Licensed by Colt 
  • Version 2 Gearbox 
  • Picatinny Accessories Compatibility 
  • Compatible with Standard M4 Electric Airsoft Rifle Magazines 
  • 11.1V lipo battery. Small Tamiya Connector


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