VFC Avalon MK16 URGI CQB AEG Airsoft Rifle – Two Tone

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The SOPMOD Block 3 or more popularly known URG-I (Upper Receiver Group Improved) is a rifle pattern currently being used by several units of the United States Special Operations community.  The URG-I is designed to be an upgrade over the venerable MK18 and SOPMOD Block 2 versions of the M4 and boasts improvements over its predecessors.  Upgrades such as a slimline M-LOK rail system, improved bolt carrier group, and charging handle are some of the easy to point out differences between the VFC Avalon MK16 URGI and the others. 

The AEG version of VFC Avalon MK16 URGI is a faithful replica of the real steel firearm and while it may not have an operational bolt carrier group as seen on the GBBR version, it does pay close attention to other details.  You will find the corresponding rail and charging handle as seen on the real steel version as well as flip-up front and rear sights.  You also get the accurate four pronged flash hider and an adjustable SOPMOD style stock.  

As in its name, this is an Avalon AEG which means it's built upon VFC's tried and tested AEG system.  As an added bonus to its already stellar reputation, this gun comes pre-upgraded with Maple Leaf parts! 


  • Metal Upper & Lower Receiver
  • Engraved "Avalon" logo on Receiver
  • Aluminum M LOK Handguard
  • 5 Position Caran Stock With Metal Stock Pipe
  • Metal Outer Barrel With Muzzle Device
  • 120 Rounds QRS Mid-Cap Magazine
  • Ambidextrous Selector
  • Polymer Pistol Grip
  • Removeable Flip-up Front & Rear Sight
  • Stock able to store 11.1V Li-Po battery (Not include) - Small Tamiya Connector

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