KWC CO2 Blowback Mini Uzi 4.5mm BB Submachine Gun

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This KWC Uzi is redesigned with a new magazine and improved blowback mechanism for more stable and higher performance! The weapon is real size and balanced, it fires from the open bolt position just like the real thing and even field strips. It comes in a blend of polymer and metal just like the real thing; fully functioning fire selector, grip safety and mag release. Unlike the real thing, it has hop-up adjust so you can tune those flightpaths depending on your intended range. The side-folding stock fully extended bring the weapon to 23-inches, making it easier to shoulder and control on full auto. The bolt is the heaviest in the series yet, you will really feel the blowback recoil on each shot, as well as it being accompanied by the thunderous sound of metal on metal cycling.


  • Gun Caliber: 4.5 mm (.177 cal)
  • Ammo Type:       Steel BB
  • Gun Action: Semi & Fully Automatic
  • FPS:      350 to 400
  • Power Source:     Co2
  • Body Type:  Mini UZI
  • Barrel Length:    15.2 cm (6 inch)
  • Gun Blowback:   Blowback
  • Trigger Action:   Single

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