Fallkniven DC3 Diamond-Ceramic Pocket Size Sharpener w/ Leather Pouch

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The DC3 sharpener is a whetstone with a combination of diamond and ceramic that will handle all your sharpening needs. The DC3 whetstones consist of a fine diamond stone and a very special ceramic stone, made of synthetic sapphires. The advantage of these materials, although they get worn, will still keep their flat shape this is important when you sharpen your knife. And, since these materials are the hardest we know of, they will sharpen any steel, even these extremely hard powder steels. You don’t need any lubrication for these stones but now and then you should consider cleaning them with warm water and liquid soap. The stones might feel coarse from the start but will become smoother/better after some use. A leather pouch is included.


How to use your DC3 Whetstone:

If your knife is dull, we advise you to start with the diamond stone. After restoring the edge to original shape, de-burr the edge lightly with the ceramic stone in order to get a razor-sharp edge. Use no oil or water. Start by laying the blade flat on the stone, raise the blade spine approx. the thickness of the blade, and start moving the knife in circular motions.

The Ink Trick:

Colour the edge with a felt-tip pen. You can check your progress in sharpening the knife by observing where the colour is removed.

Leather Strop:

The back of the leather cover functions as a leather strop. Together with Fallkniven Green Honing Compound it works well for stropping knife edges.

Break-in Period:

Upon delivery, your new DC whetstone will appear very coarse. This coarseness will disappear when the tool is put to use.

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