E&L A113S AKMS AEG Airsoft Rifle – Wood Furniture

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Introducing the E&L A113S AKMS AEG Airsoft Rifle, a formidable and authentic replica of the legendary Russian AKMS rifle. This airsoft rifle is built to deliver exceptional performance and realism on the field.

Constructed with a full metal receiver and real wood furniture, the A113S exudes durability and authenticity. The real wood handguard and stock not only enhance the rifle's appearance but also provide a comfortable and ergonomic grip for improved handling.

The E&L A113S AKMS design features a folding metal stock, allowing for easy transportation and quick deployment in tight spaces. The adjustable front and rear sights ensure precise aiming, whether you're engaging targets up close or at a distance.


- steel construction (externals)
- varnished wood handguard
- steel parts
- a pistol grip made of original polymer material
- steel folding stock
- metal hop-up chamber
- the possibility of partial disassembly of the replica, like a live firearm - without the use of tools
- magwell spacer for easy magazine replacement

The V3 gearbox with which the E&L Essential replicas are equipped has aquick spring change system, and inside you will find such components as:

- stainless steel cylinder
- polycarbonate piston with 1 steel tooth
- abrasion-resistant POM tappet plate
- a set of 9mm steel bearings
- durable powder steel gears
- steel trigger


Recommended battery: ALLPB11STKAK

Extra Magazines: ELA47

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