Cold Steel Trail Boss Axe - American Hickory Handle

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The Cold Steel Trail Boss is compact enough to carry all day in your hand or strapped to your pack, yet tough enough for chores that would make a hatchet or tomahawk scream for mercy. Featuring a European style head with a 4" blade and a 4 1/2" cutting edge made from drop-forged 1055 carbon steel, it takes a big bite with every swing. The handle of the Trail Boss is made from American hickory wood, which provides a comfortable and secure grip. The wood is straight-grained and sturdy, capable of withstanding heavy use without splintering or breaking easily. In the extensive field-tests in the outback of Australia, the Cold Steel Trail Boss was used to chop kindling, clear roads and trails, to build blinds and even to chop down a fair sized tree!

Overall, the Cold Steel Trail Boss is a reliable and versatile axe that offers excellent value for its performance and durability. Whether you need to clear a campsite, split kindling, or perform other outdoor tasks, the Trail Boss is designed to handle a variety of chopping and cutting duties with ease.


  • Weight: 2lbs 9.5oz
  • Blade Length: 4-1/2in
  • Blade Steel: 1055 Carbon
  • Handle Length/Material: 27in American Hickory
  • Overall Length: 27in

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