Cold Steel Competition Throwing Hatchet

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Cold Steel Competition Throwing Hatchet 

Cold Steel have modified the Axe Gang Hatchet, that you all know and love, to meet regulations for competition axe throwing in your favorite league. Now you can customize your competition throwing hatchet with your personal logos and bring your strongest game to the tournament!

Overall, the Cold Steel Competition Throwing Hatchet is a purpose-built tool for those interested in competitive throwing events or recreational throwing activities. Its balance, weight distribution, and durable construction make it an excellent choice for achieving consistent rotations and accuracy when thrown at targets.


  • Weight: 21oz. Head / 30oz. Overall
  • Blade Length: 4"
  • Blade Steel: 1055 Carbon
  • Handle Length/Material: 16" American Hickory
  • Overall Length: 16"
  • Additional Features: Meets most axe throwing association requirements for tournament play.

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