Cold Steel Brooklyn Banshee Bat - Polyproprelene Black

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Cold Steel Brooklyn Banshee Bat - Polyproprelene Black

The Cold Steel Brooklyn Banshee, or "sticker bat" is all new for 2020 and was made with everyone in mind. We gave it a smooth finish so you can customize it as you please, and to help get those creative juices flowing we're including a pack of our favorite stickers so you can make this bat your own. At 32" long and just a hair over 2lbs even the youngsters can take the Cold Steel Brooklyn Banshee bat anywhere to show it off. Coming with a soft, faux bat tape grip that lets you sink your hands in for ultimate comfort plus a very secure hold, and a perfect weight to length balance, this bat will always have you ready for draft day. You won't even want to hide this thing under your bed or in the back of the truck, after its been decorated you'll want to display it everywhere for all your friends to see. So get creative with it and be sure to send us photos of your bat so we can see just how clever you are.


  • Weight: 32oz
  • Thickness: 1” Handle; 2” Tip
  • Overall Length: 32”
  • Material: Polyproprelene

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