Chlor-Floc Water Purification Powder Packet – 30 Packets

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The Tablet Currently Used By The US Military. 30 Tablets Per Box. Eliminates Giardia, Bacteria, Viruses, Removes Sediment. 1 or 2 Tables Good For 1 Quart or 1 Liter Of Water, Depending On Water Temperature. Water Purification. Chlor Floc Water Purification Powder not only disinfects naturally polluted water but also clarifies it. Eliminating Giardia, Bacteria, and Viruses, Chlor Floc Water Purification Powder is one of the more effective water treatment solutions on the market today. Chlor Floc is currently in use by the U.S. Army just for that reason. It carries an NSN (National Stock Number) of 6850-01-582-5270. Each Package contains 30 packets of fast acting powder. This is enough to treat 30 liters (33 quarts) of polluted water. One 600 mg packet provides 1.4% available chlorine and flocculating agents for the clarification and disinfection of 1 liter of water from polluted sources at temperatures of 77 degrees Fahrenheit. At colder temperatures, two packets are recommended. Great for military personal, campers, preppers, survival and emergency.


  • Water Pure Powder Packets
  • Military Grade Water Purification Tablets
  • Currently Used By The US Military
  • NSN 6850-01-352-6129
  • Eliminates Giardia, Most Bacteria, Viruses, Other Harmful Micro-Organisms And Sediment From Your Water
  • 30 Packets Per Box And Treats Up To 8 Gallons Of Water
  • 3 Year Shelf Life

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