Barra Compact LiPo Charger

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This Barra Compact LiPo Charger balanced charger is designed specifically for 2S or 3S LiPo batteries only. This means that each cell is charged by an independent line. This is important to safely charge your LiPo battery and prolong its life. This charger has a max 1000mAh current rate.

OPERATION After connecting the charger to power, the three LED lights will turn from red to green. Connect your battery via the balance lead. The LED indicators will turn red when charging begins. Each LED will turn green when that battery cell is fully charged. Never leave your LiPo battery charging unattended. Do not attempt to charge more than one battery at a time.


MATERIALS This charger is lightweight and portable.


STYLE  Tried and true B3 balanced charger design manufactured by HTRC

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