ASG Ultimate SMD Micro Mosfet Unit

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The Micro SMD Mosfet unit is a very affordable way to achieve higher performance from your AEG. achieve a higher rate of fire and faster trigger response.
The Micro SMD Mosfet unit acts as a replacement for the mechanical trigger switch assembly, turning it into just a signal provider. Due to much lower electrical resistance in the Mosfet, the result is a faster trigger response, higher Rate of Fire and elimination of switch burnouts. Especially on upgraded AEG’s the benefits will be significant.

Using the latest SMD technology the Mosfet unit is extremely small (9.2 x 17.3 x 4.0 mm) which makes it possible to use in ANY AEG regardless of gearbox type. You can chose to install it with the delivered silver wire and plugs or refurbish your existing wiring for your own special installment.


  • Faster trigger response
  • Higher Rate of Fire
  • Eliminates mechanical switch burnout
  • Much lower electrical resistance
  • Extremely small dimensions due to SMD technology
  • Used in any type of AEG with mechanical switch

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