ASG Ultimate Cut Off Lever For Ver. 2 Gearbox

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The new ULTIMATE® Upgrade Series V2 Cut Off Lever – Better than ever before.

Our new ULTIMATE® Upgrade Series CNC-engineered Cut Off Levers are expertly constructed from heat-treated carbon steel making them extremely durable and resistant.

Each ULTIMATE® Upgrade Series Cut Off Lever is made from a single piece of carbon steel that has been processed and hardened so it won’t fail under high-speed operation. In addition, the contact point of engagement with the sector gear has been given additional hardening treatments to ensure an extended life – even in high performance AEG builds.

This cut off lever is suitable for use with a V2 AEG gearbox

ULTIMATE® Upgrade Series gearbox parts are designed to give the best possible fit and durability and have been rigorously tested over thousands of high-speed cycles using various spring strengths, and gear ratios to ensure they will handle even the most extreme use.

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