ASG Ultimate CNC Cylinder Head For Ver. 2 Gearbox

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Enhance your AEG with this high performance Cylinder Head

  • ULTIMATE® Upgrade Series Cylinder Head is CNC manufactured in machine grade aluminium and fitted with a stainless steel nozzle to ensure high durability. The stainless steel nozzle is screwed directly into the cylinder head, and an o-ring is fitted in the assembly to ensure an air-loss free performance. The rubber pad on the cylinder head also has a new design, doubling as a pad for absorption of the energy from the piston head, but also seals the connection between the cylinder and cylinder head to ensure an airtight assembly.

The rubber pad on the cylinder head is shrouded upon the cylinder body. Using this process ensures that when the piston head hits the cylinder head at high speed, the plate will stay firmly attached. This lightweight aluminium design is extremely wear resistant, and is designed to withstand high performance operation without deforming.

By using a CNC engineering processes, the Cylinder Head can be manufactured with incredible accuracy ensuring precise tolerances and a perfect fit with other Ultimate® components in your AEG.

The ULTIMATE® Cylinder Head is anodised in a distinctive shade of blue for ease of parts recognition by any airsoft technician.

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