What is a Tactical pen?

Tactical Pen

A tactical pen can be understood as a overbuilt regular pen that can be used not just for jotting down notes but also for self-defence in case of emergency. Some tactical pens have an effective break out tip which can be very useful in case of car accidents. With the break out tip, a punch to the window will shatter the window and you can escape without breaking a sweat.

Tactical pens can also be an effective deterrent against an attacker in close quarters situations. It can be used as an effective pressure point and they require little to no martial arts training in order to use.Tactical pen can be a great writing utensil since lots of them are compatible with standard fisher space
pen ink cartridges which is widely available in different office supply stores and online. That means you don’t need to worry about finding replacement cartridges for your pen.

Are tactical pens legal to carry?
Yes, Tactical pens are 100% legal to carry in Canada and USA, since it is a safety pens most people buy tactical pens as window breakers in case of emergency. It can be a lifesaver in such times. Besides, what’s wrong with using good quality pens for writing.

What material are these pens made of?
Tactical pens are usually made of very tough material such as 7075 T6 Aluminum or TC4 Titanium which makes them very durable, lightweight, and handsome looking. Most of the tactical pens on the market are made of Aircraft aluminum. However, some of the high-end tactical pens will be made of Titanium or even Damascus steel.

What are some of the best tactical pens on the market?
There are so many knife companies and designers that make tactical pens these days. When you are consider buying a tactical pen there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are some of the features we suggest buyers to consider which will makes it easy for you to shop for a tactical pen.

1. Grip: Make sure the grip is comfortable and not too slippery since it will make it harder to use incase of emergency if you are not comfortable with the grip. On the other hand, make sure
there is a comfortable thumb rest on the top of the cap that will provide a nicer grip to use when you are using your tactical pen for punching window.

2. Pen Cap: Always buy the threaded cap (The screw cap means constant protection for your nib)
since it is more solid and reliable in the long run, some tactical pens have pressure retention cap, which means they have a plastic insert or rubber o-ring to hold the cap on the pen with pressure. Unfortunately, this mechanism tends to be a point of failure over time since the rubber o-ring or plastic insert can crack or break apart and you will end up losing the cap.

3. Pen Ink: watch out for the ink, always double check to ensure it takes fisher space ink since it is way convenient and affordable to buy replacement cartridges.
With all that being said, here are some suggestions of different styles of tactical pens.

1. Fenix T5 Halberd Tactical Pen:

Fenix is a trust worthy manufacturer for tactical flashlights, and their products are widely used in Law Enforcement units and the great outdoors. Their T5 Halberd Tactical Pen definitely hold up the same standard of craftmanship. The pen’s body is constructed with 6061-T6 Aircraft grade aluminum, making it one of the toughest tactical pen on the market. The pocket clip is made of the same material and is held onto the cap by two screws, minimizing the possibility of the clip
stripping off and losing the pen. The design of this pen’s body is also highly ergonomic, making the grip comfortable for both daily writing functions as well as punching window in case of emergency. The break out tip of this pen is also very well made, featuring Tungsten Steel Alloy with very high hardness, making the emergency break out effortless.

 6061-T6 Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Alloy
 Tungsten Steel Hard Alloy Strike Bezel
 German SCHMIDT® Pressurized Pen Refill
 Elaborate CNC Machining

 Affordable Price
 Comes with pouch and spare o-rings
 Reliable Screw-On Cap

 Not enough color choices
 The black color coating makes scratch mark obvious

Buy it here: https://www.spadestactical.com/product-page/fenix-t5-halberd-tactical-pen-black

2. Fenix T6 Tactical Pen Light: 

The Fenix T6 is a multifunctional self-defence tactical pen that is capable of illuminating, window breaking and writing. The T6 will reach a maximum brightness of 80 lumens and can be recharged via its built-in Type-C charging port. This tough pen features a ceramic glass breaking bead to assist in an emergency or self-defence situation. Inside every pen is a Schmidt pen cartridge for smooth, effortless writing. This rugged, high-performance tactical pen will be a great addition to your EDC kit.

 6061-T6 Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Alloy
 80 Lumens compact flashlight can be very handy
 Come with USB-C Charger for the light
 Comes in both Black and Blue Color
 Ceramic break out tip

 Replacement ink can be hard to find

Buy it here: https://www.spadestactical.com/products/fenix-t6-tactical-penlight-

3. Uzi TP11 Tactical Striker Pen

Uzi Tactical pens are probably the most common tactical pens out there on the market. They have many different models and have received very good customer feedback all around. The TP11 Tactical Striker Pen from Uzi offers a lightweight design and a durable aircraft aluminum body. The pen body has a textured grip with a powerful striking point and comes in a gray gun metal finish. The cap fits securely on either end and is equipped with a stainless steel pocket clip for convenient everyday carry. It takes a standard Fisher Space Pen refill so you will always have a top quality writing experience. The Tactical Striker Pen offers an innovate design intended for EDC and personal defense.

 The pen body is well textured offering superb grip
 The top of the cap is flat, offering good thumb rest
 Refill cartridges are easy to find
 Aircraft Aluminum is lightweight and durable

 Doesn’t have a breakout tip made of specialized material
 The structure of the pocket clip might get loose over time

Buy it here: https://www.spadestactical.com/product-page/uzi-tp11-tactical-striker-pen-w-striking-point-black

4. Smith & Wesson Tactical Defense Pen

The Smith & Wesson Tactical Defense Pen series is probably the most well recognized and tested tactical pen in the world, with simplistic design and get the job done quality. The Smith & Wesson Tactical Defense pen is made from CNC Machined Black anodized T6061 Aircraft Aluminum and features a screw cap with pocket clip. Includes one Schmidt P900M Parker Style Black Ball Point Ink Cartridge.

 Simplistic design, less fancy functions less point of failure
 Many colors to choose from, including black, blue, and pink
 Screw on cap is secure and reliable
 Easy to find replacement ink cartridges
 Good ergonomics shape and comfortable thumb rest

 Doesn’t have a breakout tip made of specialized material
 The hand rest for writing is a little uncomfortable

Buy it here: https://www.spadestactical.com/product-page/smith-wesson-tactical-defense-pen-blue