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In recent years, tactical backpacks had gone a long way in their development, evolving in material, functionality, style, and comfort. Gradually the different styles and brands of tactical backpacks made their way into a wider range of consumers aside from soldiers, hunters, and range-goers. Although it might be cliché to go over the terminologies on tactical backpacks, for the sake of making things clear to the wider audience I will try to go over the basics of the tactical backpacks. Firstly, let me explain to you what a tactical backpack is. For all of those reading this, Tactical backpacks are made with strong textiles for military use. They come with features that meet the need of the armed forces for example Hydration pack compatibility, MOLLE webbing (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment), ammunition pouches and an assortment of compartments with an emphasis on accessibility. All of these features are meant to offer distinct combat advantages and could be really useful for daily usage as well. Military backpacks began appearing in the mid-1800s and it began the integration of military-grade textiles. The original military backpack was called a “rucksack” and even though rucksacks were extremely useful they weren’t as comfortable, many soldiers often opted to carry their objects in a blanket that they threw over their shoulder, as it was way more comfortable to carry around. Soldiers would also often have back pain caused by the wooden back support that was present in most rucksacks back in the day. The US military didn’t change their material production until the 1940s.

Nowadays tactical-style backpacks are more commonly used than people tend to think. Today they are considered by the average person more comfortable and durable to be used than an average backpack. In the recent decades, Military grade textiles and fabrics have come a long way and generations of different fabrics are being developed for stronger durability under all kinds of weather and harsh situations. Tactical textiles are manufactured to perform well and to be abused by their users since the materials are mostly military-grade to achieve great performance and high compatibility. Furthermore, these backpacks offer different styles based on your use. You can choose between a Compact assault pack for short trips and missions; a Medium assault pack for a longer hike; the Sector Sling Pack for everyday work and commute; the Ambidextrous Sling Bag for wildlife photography; 3 day Assault pack for longer missions or camping; Venture Pack for a two-day hike or Fuel hydration Pack for the essentials of a bike ride.

The Compact assault pack by Condor is a heavy-duty constructed 24-hour backpack featuring padded quick-release shoulder straps with integrated D-rings. Sternum strap and waist belt for enhanced comfort and support for the long haul. Being a 20-litre pack with organized cargo capacity, it can also store a hydration bladder in a separate pocket. The main compartment includes deep storage space, with a mesh pocket and top zipper closure pocket for quick access to personal items. The second compartment contains a document pocket, 2x retention mesh pockets, and pen holsters. 2x front pouches with 3x pen holders and 2x pockets. The Low-profile minimalist design is ideal for tactical operations and outdoor recreation. Individual rear foam pad optimizes comfort and airflow.

Product: https://www.spadestactical.com/product-page/condor-compact-assault-pack-olive-drab

The Medium Assault Pack has everything you need, whether out on a rigorous mission or on a weekend trip to the backcountry. The multi-purpose medium pack features heavy-duty webbing on the entire pack, including the removable waist belt, for modular attachments. Compression-molded back panel, plus padded shoulder and waist strap provide maximum comfort for longer tasks. The rugged, 1846 cubic inches Medium Assault pack carries-all and allows quick access to your essentials, making it an ideal choice for any job. The dimensions are usually about: 19" x 12" x 9"; 1846 cubic inches; 30 Liters.

Product: https://www.spadestactical.com/product-page/condor-medium-assault-pack-black

The Sector Sling Pack is equipped low profile features to provide covert tactical efficiency and fast action access without giving any red flags off to your environment. Exterior Pouch compartment for tools - Conceal carry pocket with quick access slot - Swivi-Lockster buckle to connect sling and waist strap - Sling integrated daisy chain - Air-Flow system on the back to maximize ventilation and back support - Grommets on all compartments - Single point sling attachment point - Hypalon attachment point for D-Rings. The hidden MOLLE flap in the main compartment provides a low-profile solution for carrying tactical equipment or organizing tools, as well as serving as a compartment for Ballistic Plates, while the Cordura fabric material makes this pack highly abrasion and water-resistant.

Product: https://www.spadestactical.com/product-page/condor-elite-sector-sling-pack-slate

The ambidextrous sling bag with its multiple interior pockets and MOLLE compatible panel allow you to customize your storage to your needs. The shoulder straps carrying option allows the operator to sling the bag effortlessly for quick access to gear, gadgets, and conceal pocket. It is idea for day to day use in all kinds of environments as well as for a quick camping trip.


The 3 day assault pack is appreciated for those looking at a longer trip. Operators, outdoors enthusiasts, and everyday users alike, it has proven itself time and time again in all kinds of rugged, outdoor environments and challenges. Its large cargo space has an impressive volume of 50 liters, giving you plenty of room to store gear, tools, accessories, and more. This backpack also has helpful organization features, including several smaller compartments and the option to add on modular attachments. Comfort is prioritized with a removable padded waist belt, adjustable body contour shoulder straps with padding, and a padded back panel designed for natural ventilation to keep you cool. With superb utility and numerous convenient features, the 3-Day Assault Pack is an effective choice in large packs for longer trips to the wild.


The Convoy pack features five compartments designed to organize and hold all your essentials for that explorer in you. With a padded laptop sleeve, zippered compartments, and other various pockets and organizers, it makes it easy to find what you need at a moment's notice. Built-in MOLLE webbing allows for the addition of modular attachments, and this outdoor pack is also hydration compatible. The padded mesh back panel and detachable waist belt make the outdoor Convoy Pack comfortable to wear in any condition.

Product: https://www.spadestactical.com/product-page/condor-convoy-pack-olive-drab

The Venture pack features a variety of compartments and pockets including a padded laptop sleeve, organizer compartment, hydration compartment and gadget pocket. includes heavyweight webbing for modular attachments. With a padded mesh back panel and padded shoulder straps, it's comfortable to wear even on long treks. Distribute the weight evenly by using the detachable waist belt. Usually the dimensions are 12" x 20" x 7".


The Fuel hydration pack is great for short trips. Equipped with a hydration bladder and extra compartments for tools and accessories, anyone can use it as an everyday carry. The front of the bag has a hook & loop panel for any morale or ID panel patches. The pack includes a padded back mesh panel for maximum airflow and a detachable waist strap that helps distribute the weight of the pack evenly for improved comfort, no matter where your journey takes you.


Based on all this information we can agree that there are definitely a variety of brands in the market today wanting to deliver the best tactical backpacks with the best material and pricing. Condor is a company focused on delivering quality outdoor gear, since 1980, the company’s founder took considerable pride in building life-long relationships with the Army-Navy industry. These relationships are the foundation of Condor today.

Also when we talk about military equipment we can’t forget to mention CamelBak

CamelBak was founded in 1989 in Texas by Michael Eidson, who concocted a hands-free drinking system because he felt that reaching for a bottle during bike races risked collisions. U.S. troops took CamelBak products into battle in the first Gulf War and they quickly became a popular product at military exchanges. Some of their products could be considered the best in the market.

CamelBak M.U.L.E is one of the most popular backpacks to carry your hydration pack around with you, made for a short period trip. With a narrow gauge, low-profile design that holds over 8L of cargo the MULE is perfect for short, sharp missions. The included, all new 3L, 100oz Mil Spec Crux Reservoir delivers 25% more water per sip and the new 500D Double-rip Cordura Fabric ensures lasting durability.

Product: https://www.spadestactical.com/product-page/camelbak-m-u-l-e-8l-mil-spec-tactical-backpack-w-3l-reservoir-black

We also have space to talk about the big boys. The Camelbak BFM 47L, larger than the motherlode with over 46l of cargo, the BFM keeps you mobile, comfortable and efficient. The BFM is perfect for extended missions. Futura harness, which adjusts for individual torso length and plate carrier configurations, stays comfortable on even the longest of operations.

Product: https://www.spadestactical.com/product-page/camelbak-bfm-47l-mil-spec-crux-tactical-backpack-w-3l-reservoir-black

The Camelbak motherlode are perfect for long trips. A multi-day pack that shifts the water weight, lowering your center of gravity and increasing stability. Motherlode has the cargo and organization you've come to love, but now includes a 3L, 100oz Mil Spec Crux Lumbar Reservoir that delivers 25% more water per sip and moves your water lower, increasing your stability and comfort. Perfect for multi-day missions

Product: https://www.spadestactical.com/product-page/camelbak-motherlode-42l-mil-spec-crux-tactical-backpack-w-3l-reservoir-coyote

The Camelbak Sparta is the most famous of the Camelbak line. Could be described as a brand new Lowrider style pack, perfectly sized and equipped for single day missions. The new Sparta™ includes over 30L of cargo, laser-cut Mountain™ MOLLE and our new 3L, 100oz Mil Spec Crux™ Lumbar Reservoir, which delivers 25% more water per sip.

Product: https://www.spadestactical.com/product-page/camelbak-sparta-33l-mil-spec-crux-tactical-backpack-w-3l-reservoir-coyote

The CamelBak H.A.W.G. Is tough enough for nearly any mission, the H.A.W.G.® features the new MIL Spec CRUX™ reservoir and holds over 1200 cubic IN (20L) of essential water and gear. 100oz Mil Spec Crux reservoir that offer 25% more water per sip, the HAWG is perfect for medium to long missions. The Air Director back panel and designated place for an additional 3L Reservoir means you'll stay hydrated and comfortable regardless of mission length.

Product: https://www.spadestactical.com/product-page/camelbak-h-a-w-g-23l-mil-spec-tactical-backpack-w-3l-reservoir-black

With the examples covered above, they don’t take up even 1% of the whole line up of tactical backpacks. Yet they represent a range of different products good for different purposes and for most of us regular joes, the ones covered in this passage would probably satisfy all the day to day needs.