VFC Samurai Edge Carbine AEG Airsoft Rifle

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The VFC Samurai Edge was designed from the AR type weapon system, but incorporating lightweight & tactical elements to enhance the platform. Internally, the built-in new DIGITAL FIRING CONTROL SYSTEM allows you to have a more unique shooting experience than ever before. VFC Samurai Edge is the modern realization of one of the most famous weapons in all of history.


Extra Magazine: PTS EPM 150rds Midcap Magazine, PTS EPM-1 250rds Midcap Magazine


Recommended Battery: TITAN1157


  • Digital Firing Control System
    • Programmable 3-round Burst Mode: Set selection lever in SEMI mode, pull and HOLD the trigger for few seconds, the twice "BEEP" sound will be heard, than in 2nd mode(SAFE - SEMI - BURST). Pull and HOLD the trigger for few seconds again, the triple "BEEP" sound will be heard, than in 3rd mode ( SAFE - BURST - AUTO ). If you repeat again, system return to default start mode ( SAFE - SEMI -AUTO ).
    • Piston Pre-pull by SEMI Mode
      Pull the trigger several times in SEMI mode so that piston position will be pre-pull, and improve the precision of shooting.
    • Piston Reset by AUTO Mode
      Before you remove the battery from your AEG, please pull the trigger several times in AUTO mode so that piston position could be reset.
    • Automatic Detection of the Voltage
      The "BEEP" sound will have different modes depending on the battery voltage, triple sound for 11.1V, twice sound for 7.4V.
    • Low Voltage Alarm
      When the battery is about to run out, the triple "BEEP" sound will be heard for alarm.
  • The ECS GearBox (Ver.2.1):
    All reinforced parts included HOP-UP system, new fiber reinforced piston & tappet plate, steel gear set & match grade cylinder, build-in digital firing control system set with piston pre-cocking & firing MOD change function.
  • Fore-end & Barrel:
    Steel QD Flashhider / 13" Lightweight CNC Barrel / Handguard Locating Pin / New Design Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Gas Block / KAC Type Micro Front Filp Sight and Micro 600mm Rear Sight / Lightweight M-LOK Handguard
  • Receiver:
    Full CNC aluminum Alloy Lightweight Receiver / Independent Serial No. / Steel Dust Cover / Steel Forward Assist / QRS Retractable Stock with Battery Space / CNC Lightweight Barrel Nut / Steel Stock Lock Nut
  • Firing Control:
    Ambidextrous Enlarged Magazine Release & Safety Level / Workable Extended Charging Handle / M4 Flashing Straight Trigger / Oversized Trigger Guard / QRS Conformal Rear Grip with Anti-Skid Textured Surface
  • Gen II Hop-up Chamber with MAPLE LEAF Competitive Grade HOP-UP Rubber
  • MAPLE LEAF Competitive Grade 380mm Inner Precise barrel
  • Steel Spring Guide


  • Build Material : Plastic, Metal Alloy
  • Gearbox : ECS Gear Box (Ver.2.1)
  • Magazine Capacity : 120 Rounds ( 6mm )
  • Length : 828 mm / 910 mm ( Stock Extended )
  • Inner Barrel Length : 380 mm
  • Weight : 2555 g
  • System : Electric
  • Fire Mode : Semi / Full Auto / Safety
  • Hop-Up : Adjustable
  • Package Includes : Gun, Magazine, Manual

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