KWA K120C Variable Capacity 6mm Airsoft rifle AEG Magazine – Pack of 3

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The K120c mid-cap magazine represents a leap forward for any player who uses their KWA rifle to train with a realistic round count of 30, but also wants the option to dominate the airsoft field. With a simple flick of the switch on the magazine’s base, you can alter the capacity of each magazine from 30 to 120, so that one mag fills all of your airsoft needs. These mags were made to work with your PTS ERG, RM4 Series ERG/AEG3 rifle, or with the all-new VM4 Series AEGs. Please kindly note that although the RM4 and VM4 Series will accept most standard AEG magazines, the KWA cutoff magazines will not fit into standard AEGs, including the KM4/AEG2 Series.


  • Injection molded polymer construction
  • Ribbed shell provides improved grip
  • Adjustable between 30 and 120 rounds
  • Compatibility: KWA ERG / AEG 2.5 / AEG 3 AEG rifles
  • Capacity: 30rds / 120rds, selectable
  • Pack of 3

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