Cold Steel Heavy Duty Sword Cane

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The Cold Steel Heavy Duty Sword Cane is quite possibly the toughest and widest sword cane ever built! It features an extra strong partial crook handle made from heavy duty nylon, and a 2mm thick aluminum shaft that’s heat-treated for strength. The tapered shaft is capped with a thick rubber ferrule for better traction on slick, icy sidewalks or uneven terrain. The concealed blade is released by quickly pulling on the handle to break the suction of its friction lock. Made from Stainless Steel with a proprietary heat treatment and tempering, it’s a hard and resilient blade that’s sturdy enough for both cutting and thrusting. This is no mere show piece! This Cane conceals a true battle-ready sword, proven in our infamous PROOF videos to make the kind of cuts one would expect from a high-quality saber!


  • Weight: 26.9oz
  • Blade Steel: 3Cr13 Stainless
  • Handle Length/Material: Heavy Duty Nylon
  • Overall Length: 37-1/2in

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