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Spades Tactical

Spades Tactical Inc. is a company dedicated to providing the community with high-quality tactical apparel, outdoor clothing, airsoft products, knives and tools and so much more! Our team of Spades Tactical Inc. are working hard to provide every customer and fans with the best customer service, the most variety of high-quality products, and with a fair price. We wish every customer who visited our website can find what they are most needed and feel confident in using them, no matter they’re in the field, the cities, the wilderness, the airsoft field, or even their backyard. The brands we carry in our store and on our website includes Condor Outdoors, Kershaw, Ka-Bar, Smith & Wesson, Umarex USA, Magnum, KWC, and so much more. The merchandise we carry ranging from clothing, knives & tools, swords, airsoft products and so much more can most certainly cater to all of our customers. Whether you are an active airsoft player, hunter, collector of novelty items, camper, or law enforcement officer, we’ve got the right gear for you! Our brick & mortar retail store is located in the heart of downtown Kelowna on Bernard Avenue, British Columbia, Canada, and we will always welcome you with open arms, and help you find the right gear you need.

Our Mission

Located in Kelowna, the heart of British Columbia, Spades Tactical Ltd. aims to provide the locals as well as everyone around Canada with a variety of high quality tactical and outdoor clothing and gears. With a selection of tactical uniforms, outdoor clothing, knives, tools, airsoft guns, and hundreds of other accessories, we hope all sorts of customers of Spades Tactical Ltd., no matter if you’re law enforcer or first responder, construction worker or hiker, airsoft enthusiastic or simply looking for tough quality clothing and accessories, can find the item they need and can depend on in every situation. We hope we can present to our customers the best variety of the clothing and tools, with the best price and customer services. At the end of the day, we hope to make people happy after every purchase they make with Spades Tactical Inc.

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